What we do

Cliniscope Solutions provides rentals and rent to purchase solutions of medical equipment to NHS Trusts, Private Hospital Groups and Clinics, Any Qualified Providers and GP Practices


Cliniscope makes the latest equipment immediately accessable for our customers with our flexible rental and rent to purchase solutions

We rent new diagnostic equipment ordered to our clients exact requirements. We are the leading provider of rentals of new ultrasound systems

No capital outlay, Equipment always maintained under Manufacturer’s warranty or service contract, option to purchase at term with total acquisition cost at minimal premiums

Flexible Rental Options

Our flexible rentals are ideal for customers who do not wish to commit capital immediately and where purchasing upfront or leasing equipment is commercially unviable.


We purchase new medical equipment to our customers specification so they can have access to the latest technology which is important for ‘best practice’ and for marketing state-of-the-art clinical services

All our rentals have our flexible options including options to purchase the equipment at term, where the overall cost of acquisition is only a small premium to cost of purchase at the outset, continue the rental or return the equipment to us